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    Deson Development International Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred as“Group”) has been listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange since June 1997 (stock code 262).  The Group was founded in 1988, was mainly engaged as a general contractor for construction contracting business in the Mainland China.  Its business scopes include building construction work, electrical and mechanical (E&M) installation and interior decoration work.  Initially, the Group’s clients were mostly large Hong Kong property developers who had their property investments and developments in the Mainland China.  Since early 1990s the Group began to participate its investment in property developments as well as property investments in some selected projects, whilst at the same time of being the contractor of these projects.  The major ones include Legend Gardens Villas and The Hilton Hotel in Beijing and Zhong Da Square in Shanghai.

    After 1997, the Group diverted its focus of the contracting business market from China to Hong Kong and started to actively expand its construction business in Hong Kong.  The Group has held some major Building and E&M contracting licenses granted by the relevant authorities of HKSAR the procurement of which has certainly facilitated its contracting business development in the Hong Kong market.  In 2000, the Group had successfully acquired Kenworth Engineering Limited, this further enhancing its competitiveness on the Hong Kong construction market. Kenworth Engineering Limited, formerly known as Gilman Engineering Limited, is one of the few companies in Hong Kong with over 80 years history and experience in rendering E&M contracting services.  At this juncture and the following few years, the Group to expand its property investments and developments particularly in the real estate and hotel sectors.  The major projects that the Group had participated during the period were The Park View Business Hotel in Shanghai, Asian Villa (Phaze I and II) and The Oscar Hotel in Haikou (Hainan Province), Century Place in Kaifeng (Henan Province) and Huizhou Golf & Resort Club (Guangdong Province).

    Since its establishment, the Group has completed hundreds of construction and property development projects in Hong Kong and in major cities of the Mainland China.

    In addition to the construction and property development businesses mentioned above, the Group has further expanded its businesses through setting-up subsidiary companies and joint venture companies with its business partners.  These companies include Intelligent and Security products Trading and Engineering Company, Medical Equipment Trading Company, Metal Hardware Trading Company, Granite and Marble Engineering Company and Constructional Machinery Leasing Company.  Herebelow is some introduction of Group’s major subsidiaries and joint ventures:

    ‧    Deson Innovative Limited ("Deson Innovative") is the distributor of VISONIC’s security systems and products in the Greater China, including various wired and wireless secrity equipment for residential, office, shops, hospitals, museums and prisons.

    ‧    Medical Technologies Limited (“MTL”) is wholly owned by the Group and is accredited as one of the “Caring companies” in Hong Kong.  Since its establishment in 1989, the company has been a market leader in sports, medical and rehabilitation equipment.  MTL not only offers its clients with professional products but also renders maintenance and repairs, continuous education solutions and consultancy services to its clients.  

    ‧    Building Asia Granite & Marble Limited is registered in the Mainland China and is wholly owned by the Group.  Its main business includes the supply and installation of the imported and local granite and marble slabs and cut-to-size pieces.  It also exports and imports of granite and marble slab and stone ornaments for trading purpose.

    ‧    Deson Metals Co., Limited (“Deson Metal”) is a joint venture company formed between the Group and Kobayashi Metals Limited of Japan.  Deson Metal is an associated company of the Group.  It specializes in import and export trading of metal hardwares for Japan construction industry and offers its clients with a variety of high-quality bolts, nuts and other hardware products.   

    ‧    Zhejiang Construction Investment Equipment Leasing Company Limited is a joint venture company formed among the Group, Q-TZG Leasing Holding of USA and Zhejiang Construction Investment Group Company Limited of China.  It is principally engaged in leasing of new and second-hand construction machineries, import-export agency services, maintenance and repair services, sales and supplying of machinery spare parts.

    In June 2009 the Group accepted an invitation by a large state-owned enterprise Zhejiang Construction Investment Group Company Limited(ZCIG)of China and successfully became one of its strategic shareholders.  This represents that the coverage of Group’s construction business and investment activities could be expanded substantially.  ZCIG works in China and overseas as a main contractor for construction projects.  ZCIG also actively participates in property development and investment.  Manufacturing and trading of building materials and construction machineries are also its business’s scope.

    In 2008 ZCIG was ranked 237th among the Top 500 Enterprises of China, and was ranked 9th among the Top 60 Construction Enterprises of China.  In 2008 its annual business turnover was 30.6 billion RMB.

    Group’s Corporate Mission is “Assuring High Credibility, Serving with Excellent Services”.  Providing its clients with high-quality and high-standard services is the Group’s principle of doing things.  Since its establishment, some of the Group’s completed construction projects had been granted with top building awards in China construction industry, such as Lu Ban Prize and Bai Yu Lan Prize.  Group’s premium-class property development project in Hainan, Asian Villas - Asian Villas City Square, had been awarded an honorary title of the “China Top 100 Properties award”, the Group was granted an award of “China Top 500 most influential real estate brand enterprise in year 2008”. The Group’s premium-calss property development project in Kaifang, Deson Century Place was granted an award of “The Best Quality Property”, China has established 60 years. In addition, the Group was granted an award of “the 225th winner of Chinese businessman top 500 in 2009”.